Self-Excluding From Latin American Gambling Operators Without GamStop

Self-Excluding From Latin American Gambling Operators Without GamStop

If you are from the United Kingdom and you want to exclude yourself from online gambling you can do it using GamStop. But if you live in Latin America this is not an option. GamStop is not available here hence you cannot use it. A good thing is that you have a few options at non UK casino sites you can use and these work well. All you have to do is choose the method that is most suitable for you. Here are all the methods that work in Latin America.

Use Third-Party Software

Players can try different software that will make online gambling impossible. Since there are many non-GamStop casino operators, this is not the ultimate method. Instead, you can use several options popular all over the world. We are talking about third-party blocking software: there are many different apps available. 

One of the most popular apps of this kind is Gamban. At Latin American operators, you can see the link on the responsible gaming page to this app. You will download the app and configure it within minutes. After that, you will activate it, and you are done. The app will ban access to all sites of this kind. This refers to online casinos, betting sites, and so much more. In some cases, even cryptocurrency trading sites will be banned. 

You can opt for Bet Blocker as well. There are over 6700 sites in the database meaning you won’t be able to play at any of them. The app works on all platforms. You can install it on your phone, computer, or both devices. There is no way to remove the app until the duration of your self-exclusion is met. Only then you can remove the app and continue playing. 

The apps we have used here are just examples. There are many more of the same kind and they all work in the same way. They block access to gambling and betting operators in Latin America. Some are not free and you will have to pay each month to use the app.

Card Restriction Method

This is one of the methods that has been more than just common all over the world. It is therefore very common in Latin America. All you have to do is call your bank. In some cases, you can contact them online via live chat. Yes, you can also go to the bank and ask them to ban your card.

The ban we have mentioned will be issued immediately and it refers to the obvious fact. The card will decline all the deposits you want to make to the operators in Latin America. A great thing here is that this means you cannot deposit funds to any of the operators and it is a generic way that works well. This method resembles the ban on gambling with credit cards in the United Kingdom, where players cannot place bets on casino sites and betting platforms using their credit cards.

We want to add that some banks do not support this. More and more banks are adding this feature to the list and almost all banks will have this feature soon. Also, this is not an ideal method if you have been using another payment method to deposit funds. 

Operator Self Exclusion

This is the method that we like and find very appealing. It is the same thing as GamStop, but it works with a single operator only. This means that you will ask the operator to ban your account. This feature can be found on the responsible gambling page, or you may have to contact customer support. 

This is one of the most common responsible gambling practices used at online casinos. All you have to do is state that you are worried about gambling addiction and that you will need a break from online gambling. The operator will immediately issue the ban or self-exclusion, and you are done. You won’t be able to play games here any longer. You cannot remove the ban or skip it. 

There is only one issue here. The method works well but with a single operator only. In other words, if you are playing at multiple sites, you will have to contact support at all of them and ask them the same thing. This is still something you may want to consider. It is a free and very effective method. The best thing is the fact most if not all gambling sites in Latin America support it. Other ones will add it any time soon so it is a reliable and common method. 

We would like to add that you can also ask them to self-exclude your account for 24 hours. This is known as the cooling method and it works well. If you just want to take a short break after a losing strike you may want to try this alternative. 

The Final Word

GamStop is not something you can use in Latin America and the odds are low that you will be able to use it any time soon. But you have options that work well and can help you keep the entertainment safe for yourself. All of these options have been used by a lot of different players and they are satisfied with the overall result. Try all of them if you like or mix a couple of them and get the ultimate self-exclusion method.